What A Drag

Sunday Brunch. What does that meal time bring to mind? Lunch or breakfast food with Mom, Dad, Grandma, Pap, and the babies all dressed in their Sunday best.

Recently there was special event surrounding a Sunday Brunch at a very good Hamburger Joint near my home. Love the burgers and the fries and some of the drink. Brunch, what a nice idea. I can see gathering up the family following church and heading out to such an event, can’t you?

I heard the owner of the restaurant say, “Anyone who has love in his heart is welcome at our table.” That sounds so inviting, doesn’t it? It does. Yet something about the whole brunch thing, and that it’s about love and breaking bread together just doesn’t ring true to me. And you may wonder why.

The Brunch is a Drag Show. That statement on love was about those who will come support the show. Conversely those not in support? Well I’ll let their own words express what they think later on. Ok Drag shows are nothing new. They happen all the time, BUT usually not in a town such as Zelienople, Butler County, PA, and not on a Sunday morning for a brunch at a well established restaurant. Not that they can’t, but I can’t help but wonder what is the real point of the show?

Not that they can’t, but I can’t help but wonder what is the real point of the show?

~The Blooming Idiot

Being fully transparent, I don’t ever think a Drag show is an appropriate event, but my opinions and feelings don’t run the world, obviously. Yet being honest, in general, and I’m 58 so I’ve lived a little, I don’t ever remember a Drag show brunch on a Sunday morning. Seems like an odd time of day and week to have a show of that nature. That seems like an evening event, that is often at a bar in some liberally trendy night club/bar atmosphere. Am I wrong?

We’ll to my surprise, brunch and drag are a thing. But not in Butler country. At least Google provided some much needed context.

Sample from the City
Sample from the Burbs

Of course, as Pride Month nears I see some Pride Brunches are taking place, but in a liberal area like Pittsburgh not the conservative burbs of Butler Co.. Still most events are evenings and in club atmospheres.

Advertisement for show on Facebook

Neil Glausier, the co-owner of Burgh’ers, was surprised that Zelienople would be so upset. After all a similar program previously held in Pittsburgh at their Lawrenceville location got no backlash.

“I think the backlash comes from a place of hate in their heart,”

~Neil Glausier co-owner Burgh’ers

He said, “I think the backlash comes from a place of hate in their heart, and is to exclude our LTGBQ community, and that’s not who we are, we accept everyone.”

He added that in Pittsburgh there was, “No problems whatsoever, no objection, no community outrage, no hate, nothing. It was absolutely ideal situation.”

Glausier proves my point, the city is, historically a place where such activity takes place. The burbs not so much. Which begs the question, why do this to your business? One of the first rules of business is to know your customers.

I can’t believe these two co-owners are that naïve to believe Lawrenceville is the same as Zelienople. That they would get the same response in the Burbs that they do in the city.

Regarding the backlash Glausier concluded, “It’s more or less holding our business hostage to a few petty minded folks who believe that they can take our business away from us, if we do something they don’t approve of.”

Ah. Yep, that’s about right.

Just how many people living in and around the Zelienople community do you think are big Drag Show fans? On the other hand how many people actually enjoy a good burger, fries and a brew? Exactly! Welcome to Business 101.

S & S Productions stated, “Drag shows are nothing but love and art expression. They fill the room with acceptance, Peace and nothing but kindness.“

However, they also said, “Drag entertainment is under attack now more than ever.”

S&S even had to cancel an event in Wheeling WV over similar objections. Perhaps this would have been a clue to these owners that not all places have the same values as Lawrenceville. That’s the beauty of living in different locals. I don’t live in the city, because I don’t associate with the values of “the Big City” . I don’t want the problems that come from their declining values.

Why are Drag shows under attack, could it be that Drag shows legitimize perhaps the biggest cultural battle going these days. Transgenderism. Are people in Zelienople perhaps upset that such a legitimizing activity is being pushed on a quiet, peaceful, and yes loving community. Could they not want it influencing their children? Is that hate?

Before y’all bash me for being a bigot, I believe all people are created in the image of God, and thus deserving of the respect that entails. That being said, it does not mean that I have to accept peoples choices and the effect those choices will have on my community, and by extension my friends neighborhood and family.

“Anyone who has love in his heart is welcome at our table.”

~Fiore Moletz owner of Burgh’ers

Transgenderism support, to me and us Christian folk, who were against this Show, is the opposite of loving. People in the Transgender community are no doubt going through a Hellish ordeal with gender dysphoria, but ignoring a real problem with fake solutions as the Woke are prone to do is just hateful. Celebrating a Drag show, how exactly is that loving? While pointing out the faulty thinking of those doing so is considered hateful?

Pretend time goes a bit far, when we get to irreversible damage to a person made in the image of God. We don’t want that here, because we don’t want that attitude here. We want to address issues with actual solutions. We want to love our people with those types of struggles through it to actually help them find out who they are. Not to disguise themselves in a fake facade.

For us Christians, that’s a beloved creation of God. That’s a precious person who needs help not continued chaos. There’s is an answer only God can help them find. But we were faced with the unthinkable facial forced on a community by Burgh’ers

“We’re going to go forward with doing what we think is right, no matter how many people disagree.”,

~Fiore Moletz

While I can only imagine what some irresponsible folk might be saying to the owners regarding their choice of entertainment, I’ll take their word for it that some has been hateful. However, many other comments are more likely from customers who have supported them over the past 10 years of business in the town. Comments such as;

“Boycott this Zelienople restaurant.”

“You just lost my family’s business.”


“This type of show doesn’t belong in our community.”

And I would add, “ESPECIALLY on a Sunday.“

Not a hint of hate in them as far as I can see. We love our community, our families and the least of these, our children, who are all too often the target of Transgenderism. You brought the fight to our community, not the other way around.

That is the why, I think. To push the agenda. For whatever reason these owners have a pro-Transgensgender agenda, and just as we are constantly presented with LGTBQ+ agenda in all the various forms, these owners have joined the battle and are attacking your values Zelienople. I can’t think of another reason for having this event. Plus having it on Sunday? That’s a huge shove in the noz!

As for the objectors being hateful. I don’t doubt some are, but touché.

Glausier says we are petty hateful people with hate in our hearts. Wouldn’t you say he’s being hateful? He’s judged you and me, instead of trying to understand us. Which is what he should have done being that he won’t be having Drag Shows everyday, but I do assume he’ll be grilling burgers.

As if that’s not enough, Moletz called out those in opposition to the event, stating,” It’s going to happen regardless of any nay sayers or haters out there.”

Fiore Moletz co-owner of Burgh’ers said, “It’s a private event a ticketed event. If you don’t like it don’t come.”

Ok. So, “don’t come”, is what he’s said. That’s plain and simple. You don’t like it don’t come. Fair enough. Since the show at the time of this quote was sold out, I assume he’s saying, “Don’t come (to my restaurant.)”. As a former owner of a small business that’s a very interesting statement.

So it’s not me saying don’t come to Burgh’ers, it’s the owner. He doesn’t want you there, you petty, unloving, hateful brood.

So, what will I ever do? It’s not like I can go to another Burger Joint?


His Burgers are good, but my God and His values, my family, my kids, and grandkids come first. And folks he flat out told us not to come.

So do what he said.