The Wizard of Costas

The Wizard of Costas (Bob) spoke to all us small people yesterday during the halftime show of the Eagles /Cowboys game.

What would the Great Costas share about the action in the NFL today I wondered?


Not that the NFL is using “the shotgun” or “the pistol”  formations too much…. No no!   Apparently, The Great Costas feels he knows better than our founding fathers and their little note, “The Constitution of The United States” .

Commenting on the tragedy that unfolded this past weekend when Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jason Belcher murdered his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins and then killed himself in front of his employers.  The ever wise Costas felt the need to make a political statement during the football broadcast.

Costas said (among other things):

“In the coming days, Jovan Belcher’s actions and their possible connection to football will be analyzed. Who knows? But here, wrote Jason Whitlock, is what I believe. If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.”

Wow that is truly simplistic to say the least!

I could have as easily said, had Ms.  Perkins had a gun, perhaps Jovan Belcher would be the only one dead, and their 3 month old daughter would still have her mom!

Not to mention, is shooting someone the only way to kill a person?

Basically, The Great Costas refuses to see how guns can be used as protection. But we don’t live in a perfect world and since guns already exist, it sure would be good to have a gun to protect myself from someone……. with a gun! Just saying.

Walk on any number of University or College campuses and you will find their police/security not carrying firearms….. Why?   Because they would never need one on a peaceful gun controlled college campus?

Ah….  Virginia Tech anyone?

Go to the great gun control cities and see for yourself.  How great are those gun control laws working for Philadelphia, Chicago and Washington D.C.? Just to name a few.

Take guns away from law abiding responsible citizens and only the thugs will have them.

Why does the great Costas argue for gun control? Cars kill more people every year in this country! Why not argue for car control!

And we or not talking about apples and oranges. A gun is a tool, used to protect against harm or to provide food . A car is a tool, used to travel. It is what irresponsible or careless people do with them that kills.

It is not the tools fault but the person using it

Ms. Perkins didn’t have her own tool, in this case, to protect her from harm. She was helpless against Belcher whether he had a gun or not!


If no one has arms…. Then they are defenseless against those who do. Oh and how thugs like the defenseless!

I didn’t know Javon Belcher, but his actions,  killing Perkins , makes him a thug,  his use of a gun in that fashion makes him a thug.   Orphaning his daughter makes him a thug. His submitting others to having to watch his suicide was thuggish.

Don’t blame the guns,  blame the thugs and realize that death in this case and many others may have been averted (at least to a degree, if not altogether) if the victims were able to defend themselves and the thugs knew it!

We’re not in Kansas anymore! It is not The Wizard of Costas’ idealistic world.

I’m sure he feels the need to travel here and there in a car from time to time. Perhaps he should understand some people feel the need to be able to protect themselves in this all too often unkind world.

Thought to ponder as you journey today:

If you came face to face with a thug, and those you loved where counting on you for protection, how would it feel if you couldn’t and you failed?

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    The only political post I posted on Theebloominidiot. After which, i decided to leave politics aside, until now on Stuffed Sock.

    Gun Control, is always an issue, and one that is always short sighted, by those wishing to make it harder or illegal to own a firearm….. Here’s why.

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