An Adoption That Changed My Life

My wife is a child of wonderful parents!  I love my in-laws, and I also love her birth mother, although I don’t know her.  She chose Life!

That Life she chose, is the gift God has given me, and through the act of adoption, I have ultimately been blessed.  Many who read my blogs have been blessed by her as well!  Michal Agnew Wargo is a precious creation of God, designed for great purposes in this life, of which, she has found one, in helping to right my sinking ship of a life!

In honor of her, and one of her great passions, adoption, I share this link.  It gives the reasons for the abortions of children in many other countries in the world!  The reasons may seem ridiculous and selfish, but no more than many that we see being made in our country.  In fact, they are probably more understandable then the ones made by people living in our society.  Yet, they all are used as excuses, by God’s creations, to play the part of God, the Creator, and God has not given us that right!

It is heart wrenching.   Also it is scary to think, that if my wife was not allowed to live, where would I be now?  Would God have had another person come into my life to affect my journey the way  that she has?

“SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE – 2014” – Jan 19.

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