Billy Graham: Memories Of Life Giving Words

Growing up I don’t know how many times I watched Billy Graham Revivals, all over the world, on tv!  Billy was an iconic part of my faith walk.


Ninety five now, and still, Billy Graham’s simple, stirring, salvation message, calls each person, within hearing, to take a stand!  The message has always been the same!  There is no ambiguity.

I think I prayed that prayer along with Billy at least half a dozen times….., before I came to the knowledge that once was enough.


If I didn’t know better I’d say that’s a picture of me watching Billy Graham!

At least once is enough if you mean it!  I’m sure some folks, like me, didn’t pray the sinners prayer with the proper urgency….. I meant it when I prayed it, but certainly didn’t understand it, and what it cost God!

Today, I know I need God’s intervention on my behalf, and praise Jesus for His sacrifice!

I watched this today and I see Billy Graham still serving Our Lord faithfully!  What an example.  It has caused me to question, my urgency to share what I know!


Ponder this as you age;  Are you faithful of your calling in Christ as Billy is?  Shouldn’t you be?  And to echo Billy’s final exhortation in the following video……

“I know where I’m going!……..Do you?”  

Billy Graham

Watch The great evangelist Billy Graham and MAKE a decision!

Know WHERE you are going!

The Cross – Billy Graham’s Message To America:

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