Nightmare on Straight Street

Doing the small, seemingly insignificant acts called to do by the voice of God in our Conscience, can make all the difference

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Ananias was a great old guy – dedicated to Jesus and I imagine, living a pretty isolated life. After all every Christian in Damascus wore a target on their back and was open to persecution.

But first lest flip back to where the story begins..

Saul, later Paul, had just witnessed and condoned the murder of Stephen – the Godly new-elected ‘deacon’ of the first church – Stephen a man filled with the Holy Spirit was stoned to death for ‘offending’ the Pharisees and church elders because He preached Jesus, crucified and risen again for the salvation of the world.

Good old Saul liked the fact that here was yet another of those new fangled  “Christians” finally out of the way and a good job too.

That obviously spurred Saul on because in the next scene here he is with new vigour chasing down Christians, throwing them into prisons, torturing…

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