Continuing To Tread The Path


So if you find yourself on this page, I’m honored that you are reading my words.  It is my desire to put down my life lessons in written expression.  I have been blessed to have been at the edge of the abyss and drawn back to safety and true joy of life.

It was a tough road and many of the lessons I’ve learned I’d rather have not!  Still there is value in the observed struggle of another, and so I put mine down here for others benefit.  In hind sight, through the eyes of a more mature believer in Christ, I see the road traveled as a gift I can share, a warning sounded, and a salutation to the Savior!

If you come here down trodden from the mistakes of the past, know that the mistakes of the past are what have allowed the masters of today to succeed, and so learning from your mistakes, you are now a better fellow traveler.  If you are reveling in the joy of life, find the time to give the glory to the one who imparts that joy!  If you are struggling to understand, lean into God and he will be understood!  It all takes time, and it is why we all must journey through this life, discovering what truly matters.

Thanks for treading this path with me.

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