Journey: Faith Made it Happen, It Always Does!


Mary and Joseph couldn’t comprehend, all the Angels chimed?

What was happening?  joe and Mary

Why us?

Bethlehem?  Now of all times?

No flash just a dream, a thought, you won’t grasp it all at the start.



Just respond to the angels singing, or the sure tug on your heart.

It’s not something you know right away.  It’s a journey, it’s a walk


a life, full of doubts, and confusions, but on the journey as you listen and talk

The draw of the song sounds softer than silky whispers,  as the breeze caresses the water’s edges reeds

songs of wise counsel, hope, love and guidance as you trust the spirit to lead.

And though you’ll be humbled, as God was, as the Babe on the straw


No different than Mary, Joseph, the shepherds you’ll sink to your knees in awe.

Emmanuel has come today, to free us from our ownGod-with-us-feature

From Mary and Joseph’s obedience, from a dream unto the unknown.

From within take that tug, that pull, that draw, the still small haunting voicesearch

The troughs gift unbridled to open,  humbled at the crossroads………………..

What will be your choice?