I Don’t Consider Myself a Misogynist

Came across this post and found it; So good and Honest!

A good place for all men to start. Do you want to be a man to your woman? Than buck up buddy!!!!!  Check your motivations!

Read the post down below, “I Don’t Consider Myself a Misogynist“, Originally posted on Poorly Edited, then come back and read my insight, which came from my comment on his post.


If anything you are a man,with all that we have programmed in our DNA. We get to choose how to respond to women, and our past has a lot to do with that. The way we learned, or didn’t learn.

My treatment of women was selfish until I reached the maturity age for men……35! Ok ladies, I know I’m giving men a lot of credit there!

I learned to view women different in my second marriage and pray you never have to learn that way, brother. I found love (real love) for the first time in my second marriage, my first marriage was not based on something even akin to love.

My wife now, was a single mother with several kids,the youngest being a daughter, very young and adorable! I have always loved her (all her kids) as my own, through and through. It was then I realized to my shame, my treatment of every relationship with the other sex prior, was always selfish, all the time, maybe not on the surface, but definitely in my motivations. Like you…. handing a clean car much like a caveman with game, to your wife in hopes for sex! Yeah she smelled that a mile away!

We men are all sailors thinking of women and yep….you got it!
It helps propagate the species. That’s true. But it shouldn’t be our motivation.

Anyway, I digress.

So I was selfish in my relationships, UNTIL, my step daughter and new wife entered the picture! I loved my step daughter, the way I saw my father-in-law loved his daughter, and BOOM the light just went on! My father-in-law did things for my wife out of pure love for her as his daughter, and believe me when I tell you……He made it clear he would not settle for anything less from me, where his daughter was concerned.

WOW!!!!! I said…..”that’s how I feel about my daughter!” I pity the fool who messes her up!……..Like I did in every relationship before………….

I was cut to the core. I did love my wife, but not purely for who she was….and INSTANTLY that changed. Because my wife IS all those things to me your wife IS to you, and after 10 years I can say I am still madly in love!

But still, I’m NOT loving her purely as I wish, all the time, the way I want someone to love my baby girl. But I keep trying checking my motivations. I am not a wuss, I am all man, but my women need to have flowers because they like flowers,not because of what I want, or some rotten skunk of a boy wants in return. AND yes my lady can smell my false pretenses a mile away too!


seriously what is this guys motivation …..um hmmmm!


Changing is a process, it takes time! Oh, and they do the same thing at times, let’s not just crush men. They just have a different focus. Good luck in changing, God Speed!

“25 Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her,” ~ Ephesians 5:25


That link is seriously good stuff!!!!!! Especially for the folk who think Christian relationships are subservient diabolicalism!!!!  Now I’m not perfect at this, but then again who is, The point is I’m trying!  That…….. I know my wife appreciates!

Ponder this next time you give your wife something nice:  Will you be ok, with just a good night kiss, and a thankful, grateful wife to boot!

Poorly Edited

I used to identify myself as a maleist. That is, I believed that the rights of men were being whittled away by American women. I believed that we were raising a generation of men to be pussies. We were stamping out natural male instincts in an attempt to keep them subdued. We were telling American men that they should be ashamed of their sex and instincts.

I’m sure Fight Club had something to do with this.

I don’t identify as a maleist anymore. I find myself thinking these thoughts from time to time. I realize that they are misguided. But, they’re still lingering.

I don’t consider myself a misogynist… but….

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